How can Hypnotherapy help me?

Hypnotherapy is a successful treatment option when conducted by a qualified hypnotherapist. There are situations, conditions and issues that can be helped through its use. Some examples are:

Smoking Cessation

Hypnotherapy is a successful treatment for eliminating this unhealthy habit in 60 to 70% of all cases. Many clients who have tried other methods such as the patch, the gum or self-hypnosis CDs without success, find they can end their smoking addiction in just one session lasting 1.5 hours by are qualified hypnotherapists. Imagine, in just 1.5 HOURS you can go from being a heavily-addicted smoker, craving as many as 60 cigarettes a day, to a non-smoker who will never resume this unhealthy habit. Future cravings for tobacco are rare, unless you smoked several packs a day, or more before seeking help. Research studies have shown that hypnotherapy is ten times more effective than willpower alone when it comes to kicking the smoking habit.

Weight Control

You may require help to cope with boredom eating, chocolate addiction, eating too many snacks or too much unhealthy fast food. Hypnotherapy can increase your motivation to exercise more and facilitate weight loss by reducing your appetite and convincing you to eat smaller portions of food. Hypnotherapy for weight control is normally carried out in 2 to 3 sessions, depending on your particular needs. Hypnotherapy can make weight loss easier for you to accomplish.   

Other Conditions

Hypnotherapy may also be beneficial when dealing with nail biting, exam anxiety and certain phobias such as fear of flying or fear of speaking in public. Migraine headaches may also be reduced if they are due to situational stress.

Session & Costs

Sessions of ONE HOUR are charged at £70 for these types of problems. There are however, conditions that do not respond to hypnotherapy such as general worry, low self-esteem and chronic anxiety.  

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